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CSI Fanfiction

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Fanfiction for the CSI Nerd
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Welcome to GeekFiction, a LiveJournal community for people to share and enjoy CSI fanfiction.
This community was created to be a relaxed forum for all CSI fanfiction, regardless of pairing, rating, or genre.

Posting on this community is moderated, to apply for unmoderated posting access see the application post and leave a comment.

All community members are expected to follow the community rules at all times. If you have any questions, please consult the maintainers at geekfiction at gmail.com

01. LJ CUTS: Please put all stories (including drabbles) under a Livejournal Cut. Any posts that are not cut may be deleted by the mods.
02. LABEL YOUR STORY (YOU MUST RATE YOUR STORY): NC-17 or Adult stories are allowed on the site, but they must be properly labeled so that readers can choose whether or not they are interested in or legally allowed to read the material. We will remove any story that does not have a proper rating above the LJ-Cut.
03. PLAGIARISM IS NOT ALLOWED: Any fanfiction that is found to be plagiarized in any way will promptly be removed, and the user banned.
04. LINKS OUTSIDE OF GEEKFICTION: Stories must be posted to Livejournal itself, or the author's website. Links to personal or writing journals, or other communities, are allowed. Do not post links to large fanfiction archives, e-mail listservs, Yahoo groups, or similar sites.
05. MEMBERSHIP: Anyone can join or post. Membership is moderated but requests are processed quickly.
06. NO FLAMING: Stay respectful in your constructive criticism, and if you have a major issue with another poster, contact the mods at geekfiction at gmail.com. Don't character or pairing bash, all CSI fans are welcome here.
07. TAGS: We use tagging here at Geekfiction to keep a searchable archive of stories. Stories are labeled by rating, featured pairing/character, and author. The mods will tag your posts if you do not. Do not use another author's tag without permission.
08. FONTS AND BANNERS: We also ask you not to manipulate font color or type or use images above the cuts of your posts. Stories that break this rule may be removed without warning.
09. DO NOT FLOOD OR SPAM THE COMMUNITY: Promotions for other communities or ficathons should be CSI related. They should only be posted once. Double-posting, posting multiple times in a day, or posting every day should also be avoided. Consolidate multiple drabbles or story chapters into one post.
10. STORIES MUST BE PUBLIC: The mods must be able to review all stories posted to the community (on LJ or your own site), if you have special circumstances you must contact us in advance.

Other helpful information, resources, and promotional graphics.

Resident Beta Reader Program: We maintain a list of willing beta reader volunteers, where you can find a beta for your stories or you can sign up as a beta.

Ficathons: We run several open ficathons a year, the latest was the 2009 Smutathon (18+ Only).

The Hunger Site

And check out the story of our Easter Egg challenge winner from the I Love the 80s ficathon, Not Just Adequate (Hodges/Wendy), by sleepy_jaffa.

Promotional Graphics: Choose a banner for your info page or website.

Geekfiction Library: We also maintain writing guides for our authors. Our first guide, Smut 101: The Geekfiction Guide to Getting It On, can be found here.

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This community is not associated with CBS, Alliance Atlantic, CSI, or any other applicable entities. No copyright violations are intended.

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