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Title: Going Down
Author: miss_andromache
Rating: NC-17/Adult
Pairing; Greg/Nick
Summary: Trapped in an elevator in Vegas in the middle of Summer was always going to be hot...
A/N: This is the corresponding fic to scullyastrinity's "Going Down," which can be found HERE. Thanks to her for the help and for putting me up over Christmas and New Years. Also to marcasite for the plot idea and the title... and for letting me experience a "totally American" moment. :)

In his fantasies it always had been him who had made the first move.

In his fantasies, it had been a flirting lift of his eyebrow or a suggestive comment that had led them across the threshold of being co-workers and friends to the point where they became lovers. And it had been him-- the experienced one-- who had taken the upper hand in the bedroom.

But in reality it had been almost entirely the opposite of what Greg had imagined.

In his wildest dreams he had never considered that Nick would be the one to make the first move, and yet, here they were, trapped between floors in an elevator in the Las Vegas Police Department with Nick on his knees and Greg’s pants and underwear in a puddle around his ankles.

Two hours trapped in an elevator in the middle of a Las Vegas summer was always going to be hot; but this was hotter than Greg could have ever imagined.

He wasn’t quite sure how things had moved so quickly- one minute they had been joking about the heat, and the next Nick’s hand was on Greg’s cheek…followed by his tongue in Greg’s mouth.

Nick Stokes-- the man that Greg had always assumed to be hopelessly straight-- had grinned at Greg, and then pressed their lips together in a kiss that was hotter and sweeter than any kiss Greg had ever felt. Beads of sweat were licked away as Nick’s tongue traced over Greg’s skin, raising goose bumps despite the baking heat of the elevator.

He had never expected boldness from Nick-- never expected Nick to be forceful-- but here he was, pushing Greg back against the elevator wall and working his fingers inside the zipper of his jeans as he continued to kiss him hungrily.

Teeth nipped playfully at lips and Greg slipped his hands beneath Nick’s shirt, pressing his fingers into the small of Nick’s back.

In his mind, Greg had always been the teacher, but with Nick’s hand sliding along his cock, Greg’s bravado disappeared. He’d been unable to muster any response further than a loud groan as he hardened under the blistering heat of Nick’s touch. His hands dropped from under Nick’s shirt, falling limply by his side.

He had wanted to say something, reciprocate in some way, but the thought was gone as quickly as it had come, lost as Nick tugged Greg’s jeans and boxers down and sunk to his knees.

Greg had gasped in anticipation as Nick had looked up at him and smiled a devilish grin before slowly taking Greg into his mouth.

And now, Greg was bracing himself against the rail at the back of the elevator, breathing loudly and squeezing his eyes tightly shut as Nick worked his way along Greg’s cock with his mouth. Instead of him being the one that issued Nick’s education, it was Nick showing off his expertise to Greg as his tongue traced a fiery line along Greg’s aching shaft.

Greg’s fingers desperately searched the wall for something to grasp onto as Nick’s hand joined his mouth, the strong, calloused fingers pulling gently while his hot tongue moved wetly across the sensitive tip.

With his other hand, Nick held onto Greg’s thigh tightly, holding him in place as he took Greg’s swollen cock into his mouth completely. Greg’s hips bucked as he felt himself hit the back of Nick’s throat and he gasped loudly, his legs threatening to give way underneath him.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Nick!” Greg gasped through gritted teeth as Nick took him in deeply again and again before swiping his tongue along the underside of his dick.

Greg’s head fell back against the wall with a thud and he couldn’t tell whether the stars that crossed his vision were from the hit or from the haze of pleasure that was filling his head as Nick moved his hand around Greg’s balls, using his tickling fingers to bring Greg closer.

Greg let out a low moan as the aching in his spine gave loose and he came hard, squeezing his eyes closed tightly as he filled Nick’s mouth, groaning loudly when he realized that Nick was swallowing, drinking him in.

Never in a million late night fantasies, had Greg ever imagined what it would be like to have Nick Stokes fuck him with his mouth and swallow when it was all done.

“But no fantasy ever felt this fuckin’ good…”

When it was over, Greg slid to the ground, leaning against the elevator wall and studying Nick’s face. In his fantasies, this part was easier, the words that had come from his mouth had sounded better than any of the idiotic phrases that were now swimming around in his sex-hazed brain.

“Nick-- I…”

With a jerk, the elevator moved and the moment for any discussion about what had happened was stolen as they rushed to straighten themselves; Greg pulling his underwear and pants up together and fumbling with the zipper, Nick swiping his hand across his mouth and licking his lips.

“After shift, your place or mine?” Nick said, grinning faintly as he offered Greg a hand to his feet.

“Mine, definitely,” he replied as the doors opened on the busy second floor of the Police Department.

He grinned to himself as they made their way slowly along the corridor, his imagination already working over time about what the rest of the day had in store for him.

Both of them walked towards the holding cells lost in their own thoughts, too lost to notice Grissom, Sara and Brass just ahead of them.

…Too lost to see the way Sara self kept self consciously straightening her clothes, or the way Grissom kept eyeing Sara every time Jim’s gaze was averted.

Tags: *adult, -greg/nick, miss_andromache
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