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LJ-Cuts and You

Hey everybody. A lot of people seem to be having trouble with LJ-Cuts, so I thought I'd post and hopefully clear up issues.

If you post to livejournal, you'll run into LJ-Cuts everywhere. They are important for a couple of reasons:
- A lot of people read their journals through their friendslists. It's considered polite/good netiquette, etc. to use a cut halfway through longer posts or image heavy posts, so that it is easier for your friends to read their lists.
- There are also a few things that are almost universally cut. Adult material, a/k/a delicious smut, is one. Spoilers are another. Everyone has their own rule on spoilers, unaired material is almost always cut, but many people extend this for a week with an aired episode, or even an entire season, etc. Generally, it is a good idea to use your best judgment, and be more cautious on communities.

How to LJ-CUT:

#1) Insert this text into your posting window, in the place where you would like the cut to go. If you exclude the text="La la la" part, it will just say Read more...

<lj-cut text="CUT TEXT HERE">

#2) If you want to close the tag, so that the end of your post shows up again, use this.


#3) If you just want to link to your own journal, or another website, you use basic HTML.


One Quick Hint: If you type the code as seen above into your word processor, and then cut and paste it, your link might break. This is because the quotation marks get lost in translation. You'll notice your quotes look lighter and more angled than the ones you type in the window themselves. The quotation marks from your word processor will break the code. So you'll want to add the cut in later, or fix it before you post.

You can also cut and paste the code seen above, and use it yourself. It didn't cause a cut in this post because I used Internet Magic, but it will work for you.

If you have any questions, or are having trouble posting, feel free to ask.
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